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Manage your account on the go

Keep track of your usage, check your spend, buy bundles and more with our pay monthly and pay as you go app. Plus you can win £100 of Tesco vouchers in our monthly prize draw just for logging in.

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Getting to know your new phone

There can be lots to learn when you get a new phone, so we’ve got in depth how-to guides to show you what’s what.

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Ways to manage your account

Check our FAQs and find out ways to manage your account 24/7, so we can help our most vulnerable customers on the phone.

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Why Tesco Mobile

Your own flexible contract on Anytime Upgrade Flex

Choose the contract length that works for you. And if life throws you a curve ball, change your contract down as well as up.

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Double up with Clubcard & collect points too

Use your Clubcard vouchers to save on pay monthly, and collect 1 point for every £1 you spend on pay monthly and pay as you go.

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Great coverage on O2’s network and 4G as standard

Don’t worry about dropping calls. Enjoy 4G with 99% UK population coverage from our network partner, O2.

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