Six reasons to love Tesco Mobile

1. Which? Recommended Provider

Every part of Tesco Mobile puts our 4 million customers first – our tariffs, our shops and our award-winning Customer Care. This is why we have been Which? recommended provider for the past five years. 

2. We’ve got UK-based Customer Care

Whatever you need to talk to us about, our award-winning Customer Care team is here for you 365 days a year. They’re UK-based and really know their stuff. They put the Care into Customer Care.

3. 4G at no extra cost

You get 4G at no extra cost on pay monthly and pay as you go. All you need is a 4G phone, 4G tariff and 4G coverage, and you’ll be whizzing all over the internet.

  • Maps load & apps run smoothly
  • Websites display faster
  • Photos & videos are quicker

More about 4G

4. No more scary bills – you’re in control

Capped contracts give you complete control over your monthly bill so you can say goodbye to scary bills.

  • Choose your own tariff
  • Add a safety buffer
  • Never pay more than you expect each month

Choose your Capped contract

5. Don’t wait for a new phone – get it when you want

Anytime Upgrade gives you the freedom to get a new device wherever you are in your contract.

  • Get more control over your contract
  • No need to wait for a new phone
  • At the end of your contract your payments will plummet

Choose your Anytime Upgrade phone

6. Perks for you and your family

With more than one contract on your account, you all get free Perks every month. Each contract gets a boost with one of these Perks:

  • 150 extra free minutes
  • 250MB extra free data
  • 500 extra free minutes to Tesco Mobile phones

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