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Here’s everything you need to know about 5G

5G is the latest technology in mobile and promises to revolutionise the way we live and interact with the world around us. You can now get 5G on Tesco Mobile.

5G & your phone

Will using 5G use up my battery more quickly?

5G is designed to be really efficient, so if you’re using your phone in the same way as you would on our 4G network, it won’t affect your battery life. But remember, if you download a lot more data over 5G, then this will use more battery power, so it may get used up more quickly.

Can I put my current SIM into a 5G phone?

Yes, all of our SIM cards are ready to use in all our phones, including 5G phones. You’ll just need to be on a 5G tariff and have 5G coverage in your area to be able to enjoy the faster speeds of 5G.

Am I allowed to make a hotspot on 5G?

Yes, you can always use your Tesco Mobile data to make a hotspot (tether).

Can I turn off 5G on my phone?

Yes, just go to the network settings on your phone and turn off 5G there.

Coverage or signal

5G is already available in some cities but not on Tesco Mobile, why is that?

Each mobile network has their own rollout plans and approaches. As we share the O2 network, we’ll be following their rollout plan. This means we’ll have 5G available in areas of 50 towns and cities by summer 2020.

Keep an eye on our coverage checker to see when Tesco Mobile 5G is being rolled out across the UK.

The coverage checker says I should have 5G coverage in my area, but I don’t. Why is that?

Our coverage checker is based on coverage predictions and can never be 100% accurate. This is because of things like trees, buildings and hills affect actual coverage. We try to make sure our predictions are as accurate as possible and we make any changes that we know about so it’s as helpful as possible to you.

Why can’t I see a 5G icon on my phone?

You’ll see the 5G icon on your phone when you’re in a 5G coverage area, using a 5G device, 5G SIM and 5G tariff.

I have a 5G icon on my device and full signal but my data speed seems slower.

Your device will automatically select the most appropriate technology available (3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi, if enabled) for the service or application you’re using. In the early stages of 5G rollout, 5G is accessed through our 4G network. Because 5G waves don’t travel as far as 4G ones, sometimes you might see a 5G signal indicator, while getting 4G speeds. This is because the phone is accessing the network through the 5G cell site, but is outside the reach of the 5G network, so has automatically switched to 4G instead.

Why does the coverage checker not show indoor coverage as you do for 3G and 4G?

Due to the different nature and construction materials of buildings, indoor coverage for 5G in particular, is very difficult to predict accurately. We’d rather not to show you coverage levels that might not be accurate.

Why do I get different 5G speeds in different places?

The data speeds you get will be affected by lots of different factors, like the type of mast you’re connected to, how many people are using the network in your location, how far away you are from the mast, or buildings and hills obstructing coverage. Because of this, speeds will change in different places.