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Parental controls & content settings

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All our devices are set by default to access under 18 content only. If you're the account holder you can turn on parent controls to restrict access to content suitable for under 12s or content rated as 18+.

Changing your content settings  
To change your setting, log in to My Account and then:
  1. Click My tariff and credit agreement documents
  2. Click Update - next to Parental control and favourite numbers
  3. You'll be taken to your Security settings
  4. From here you can restrict your content to either under 12s, under 18s or 18+
 How to see 18+ content
To be able to see 18+ content you need to verify your age. You can do this by calling 282 free from your Tesco Mobile device.
When you call, you’ll need to have your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) handy. Sorry, but you can’t use a debit card.

When we check your age, we charge £1 to your credit card. This will show as a £1 payment to Tesco Mobile on your card statement. We’ll give you a refund of £1 on your next mobile bill or as a device credit.

Using a tablet or want to confirm without a credit card?

You can confirm your age with our online form instead.

Once you've confirmed your age you'll have the option to view 18+ content in My Account. If you have more than one device on your account, you'll need to choose the settings for each individual device.
We don’t control Wi-Fi or iTunes or Google Play
Our parental controls only work when you’re online via our mobile network. We can’t control any online content when your device is connected via Wi-Fi or via content sites like iTunes.

Blocking unwanted messages via Bluetooth
Parental controls doesn’t affect Bluetooth.  If your device has Bluetooth, you may get unexpected or unwanted messages from other users. However you can switch off Bluetooth so your device isn't visible to other Bluetooth users.

If you need help switching off Bluetooth, our device guides or your device manufacturer's manual will tell you how.

Controlling content on BlackBerry 
Previously, our content settings didn’t apply to BlackBerry, but they do now. Plus, BlackBerry blocks the Internet Watch Foundation list of ‘potentially criminal content’, which also includes some 18+ content.
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