Pay as you go data bundles

You can buy a data bundle, from 500MB to 8GB a month and change it whenever you want. You get more data for your money if you buy a data bundle and they cost the same for 4G or 3G.
How to buy a data bundle

Either log in to My Account or call 282 free from your Tesco Mobile phone.

Renewing your data bundle

All data bundles last for a month and automatically renew.
We’ll text you when your bundle’s about to renew so you can make sure you’ve got enough credit to pay for it. If you don't have enough credit, your bundle will be cancelled and you'll pay 10p/MB for any data you use. To get the best value, please make sure you’ve got enough credit on your phone before your bundle renews.

Changing your data bundle

If your bundle is going to run out before the end of the month, you can buy a new one to replace it. Remember, any data left in your current bundle will be lost if you buy a new one.

If your data bundle’s too big or you want a bigger bundle next month, you can schedule a different bundle, which will start on your renewal date.

To buy a new data bundle or schedule a different one, just go to My Account or call 282 free from your Tesco Mobile phone.

If your bundle runs out before the end of the month and you don’t buy another one, you’ll pay 10p/MB for data until your bundle renews.
4G is up to five times faster than 3G, and you don’t pay any extra to use 4G on Tesco Mobile. You just pay for the data you use.
Not sure how much 4G data you’ll use in a normal month? Our data calculator will help you work it out.
There are two ways to get 4G on pay as you go:

If you buy a data bundle, you’ll get 4G as soon as you buy it.

If you don’t want to buy a data bundle, you can call us on 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone and we’ll switch 4G on for you.
Using data without a bundle costs 10p/MB on 4G or 3G.

To stop using 4G, you can change it in your phone’s settings.

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