Pay as you go Triple Credit

Our Triple Credit tariff on Pay as you go gives you free credit when you top-up to use on standard UK calls, texts and data.
How it works
When you top-up £10, £15 or £20, we triple that top-up:
You can get free credit once a month and it lasts for one month.
After a month, your free credit expires but credit from top-ups never expires.
How to get triple credit
  • Call 282 from your Tesco Mobile phone to opt in to the Triple Credit tariff on Pay as you go
  • Then just top-up by £10, £15 or £20
How do I triple my credit?
You have to be on the Triple Credit tariff on Pay as you go. To transfer your tariff, call 282 free from your Tesco Mobile phone. 

How long will my free credit last for?
You can get free credit once a month and your free credit lasts for one month, until your next monthly anniversary date. For example: if you get your first free credit on 5 January, you've got until midnight on the 4 February to use it. If you top-up before your anniversary date, you’ll receive free credit the following month.

What's my monthly anniversary date?
It's the day when:
  • you have to use up your free credit by
  • you need to top-up by, in order to get free credit that month 
Every time you use your phone to make a call or send a text, we send you a message saying how much top-up and free credit you have left, as well as your anniversary date. For a reminder of your balance at any time, you can also dial *#10# free.

If I don't top-up before my monthly anniversary date, what happens?
We'll text you five days before your monthly anniversary date to remind you. If you don't top-up, you can still carry on using your phone as normal. You just won’t get any free credit. You’ll get free credit the next time you top up and this date will become your new monthly anniversary date.

What can I use my free credit on?
  • UK calls to standard UK landline and mobile numbers starting 01, 02 and 03 
  • UK to UK video calls
  • Calls to our Customer Care team in the UK
  • Calls to voicemail from the UK
  • Text messages and MMS to UK mobiles
  • UK mobile internet browsing
Also, any available free credit you have will always be used before any paid top-up.
What can't use my free credit on? 
  • Calls starting 08 and 05 to non-geographic and free phone numbers
  • Calls to non-standard or special 07 numbers
  • Calls to numbers being used for call-forwarding services, onward-calling services or numbers that pay a revenue share
  • Calls to any number starting with these codes - 06, 07744, 0845, 079112, 070, 07755, 0870, 079118, 076, 078255, 0871, 079245, 0500, 078730, 077000, 079246, 0505, 07892, 07755, 079879, 0808 and 078930
  • Premium rate calls and texts
  • Making calls and sending texts while you're abroad
  • Calls and texts to international numbers

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