Anytime Upgrade tariff

Customers on this plan can upgrade to a new phone or tablet and new 24 month contract at any time. Say if after 6 months you decide to get a new device, just settle the outstanding balance of your device payments.
Tesco Mobile will waive the usage contract so just choose your new device and off you go.
You still have a single Direct Debit coming out of your account each month. This covers the cost of your monthly usage and the cost of your device.

What’s different is there are two separate contracts that this single payment covers:

· Your usage contract is for your monthly minutes, texts and data
· Your phone or tablet contract is for your device payments

For example: say you take out a 24 month contract and then decide you’d like a new device after six months. Normally, you’d have to pay an early termination fee on your tariff. With this deal, you pay off your device contract only and then you’re free to upgrade to a new device and usage contract with Tesco Mobile.
Once you’ve paid off your device contract you just pay for your usage.

For example: let’s say you pay £30 a month and your handset contract makes up £20 of this cost.
If you’re still happy with your handset at the end of your contract then we’ll automatically reduce your monthly payments to your usage contract cost - £10 (in this example).

You’ve also got the option to pay off your device contract early and keep making the usage payments each month.

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