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Keep your number

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All Tesco Mobile SIM cards come with their own mobile number. You can either use this new number or you can keep your existing number by asking us to transfer it.
Before we transfer your number:
  • Copy all your contacts from your old SIM to your device’s memory
  • Use up any top-up on your old network (any Tesco Mobile credit will stay on the new SIM card)
  • Make sure your device will work with a Tesco Mobile SIM. You may need to get it unlocked
  • You can use your temporary number on your Tesco Mobile SIM card to make and receive calls

To keep using your existing number:

Ask your old network for a 'PAC code'. Once you've got your code complete one of the following forms:

It can take up to 2 working days to transfer your number. We'll email you when it’s done.

What happens on the day of your transfer

Before you're connected to the Tesco Mobile network, you’ll lose your signal for a while.

When this happens:
  • Switch off your device
  • Put in the new SIM card. Switch your device back on and check it works ok
  • Your signal may not come back until 6pm. If it doesn’t return straight away, try switching your device off and on a few times during the day 
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