Problems with your phone?

If you think your Tesco Mobile phone may have a fault, please try these checks first, before reporting it to us.

Check your network signal.
There may be a temporary problem with the signal in your area. As we use O2’s network, go to O2’s status checker for the most up-to-date information of the signal where you are

Check your SIM card.
Take it out of your phone and clean it with a dry cloth. Then put in back in and see what happens. If the problem continues, try putting your SIM card into a different Tesco Mobile phone or an unlocked phone. If your SIM card works in another phone, it's possible that your phone is faulty. If the SIM card doesn't work in another phone, the problem is likely to be with the SIM card.

If the problem is with your SIM card, please contact us and we'll send you a new one free, with your existing mobile number.

If you think your phone is faulty please contact our technical support team on 0345 300 6660.

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