Home From Home can be used for up to 28 days from 23 May until midnight on the 3 September 2016. This can be during one or multiple trips abroad.*

You need to have used your mobile in the UK before using it abroad to get Home From Home. This means you need to activate, top-up and use your SIM before using your phone in our Home From Home countries.

If you use up your inclusive minutes, texts, data, free credit or bundles, then you can buy up to 3 additional bundles of minutes, texts or data each month while abroad with Home From Home. For instance, 1 minutes bundle, 1 texts bundle and 1 data bundle or any combination. Once you’ve bought 3 bundles whilst abroad, you won’t be able to buy any more and you’ll be charged at our standard roaming rates. This is for both pay monthly and pay as you go.

We’ll check usage to prevent excessive abuse, which may mean we suspend you from our Home From Home rates and charge our standard roaming rates. We’ll let you know if we’re concerned about your usage, to stop this from happening.

* Making calls, sending texts or using data is counted as usage. Receiving calls or texts isn’t.